The IFAA Flint Round

The IFAA Flint Round

InflintThe Flint Round consists of 56 arrows. and the distances are much longer than in the Standard Indoor Round and the target faces are smaller. In the round, Two Units will be shot, each consisting of 28 arrows, giving a total of 56 arrows. The distances will vary: 20 feet, 10 yards and 15 yards, each shot at 20 cm Field target faces. (Cubs: 35 cm target face). In addition, competitors will also shoot at 20 yards, 25 yards and 30 yards at a 35 cm Field target face. (Cubs: 50 cm face) The last one, making up the 7th distance, is the 30, 25, 20 and 15 yards walk-up.

Four arrows are shot at the various single distances, and one arrow on each of the walk-up distances, making up the 28 arrows. Scoring will be the same as the Field Round (5 for the spot, 4 for the inner ring and 3 for the outer ring).

The face will consist of four 20 cm targets (same as the Field “bunny”) and a single 35 cm face, however there is the option to use four 35 cm targets with no outer ring. These targets have only the spot and the inner ring so you can only score a four or five. Arrows outside the scoring areas will not score, so there is no option of a 3 score on the reduced 35 cm target.

Once you have made the decision what target faces to use, you cannot change your mind on the second 28 arrows. The type of face must remain the same over both Standard Units of 28 arrows.

How does it work?
All the distances are marked, so there are six shooting lines. All archers in the same detail start shooting their first four arrows at 25 yards at the 35 cm face. There are two archers on the same lane, each shooting at his/her side of the butt. The faces are reversed on each side of the butt.

The archers score their arrows and move to position 2, which is the 20 feet distance.
If there are too many details, scoring after each distance may take too long and the organisers may rule that eight arrows are shot before scoring and drawing, which would mean that you shoot the 30 yards and the 20 feet and score thereafter. So you may need at least eight arrows so that you will be able to shoot two ends before scoring.

The third end is at 30 yards and the fourth at 15 yards. The fifth end is at 20 yards and the sixth end at 10 yards. The seventh end is the walk-up at 30, 25, 20 and 15 yards.
Once the first Standard Unit is completed there will be a break of about 15 minutes and the same detail will continue with the second Standard Unit.

Archers must be able to shoot four arrows in three minutes and be able to set their sight for the next distance.

Flint Indoor Round:
a. Flint Indoor Round rules shall be in accordance with Article V(I) of the By-Laws (2015 edition)
b. A Round shall be two Standard Units each comprising of seven ends of four arrows. (Total 56 arrows)
c. There shall be a 15 minutes break between the two Standard Units.
d. An archer may choose either the single 35 cm target face (single 50 cm face for Cubs) and four 20 cm target faces (single 35 cm face for Cubs), set out in accordance with Figure 1, or four 21 cm target faces (the two inner rings of a 35 cm target) and four 20 cm target faces, set out in accordance with Figure 2. The choice of target face lies with the archer at the start of the first Unit and may not be changed during a Round.
e. For target faces comprising of four targets, a single arrow shall be shot at a target in any sequence. In the event that more than one arrow is shot in a target, only the arrow with the lower value will be scored.
f. Arrows shall be scored in accordance with Article IV (I-d) of the By-Laws. An arrow outside the target does not score.
g. Shooting lanes shall be laid out as shown in figure 3

After completion of the first Standard Unit, archers will change lanes on the same butt for the second Standard Unit: archer in lane “A” will move to lane “B” and archer in lane “B” will now move to lane “A”.



Note: 3/35 stands for : Shooting position number 3, shot at a 35 cm target face 6/20 stands for : Shooting position number 6, shot at a 20 cm target face 7(W) stands for : Shooting position number 7, consisting of a walk-up